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Fines and Hire Charges

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New charges from Tuesday 2nd January 2018.
If you think you may be entitled to concessions, click here

Request Charges

Standard Rate £1.50 per item
Children's RateFREE
Concessions and 16-18 year olds80p per item
Items borrowed from outside 
the County, additional charge
£2.20 per item
Vocal Scores -
Per set of 0-50
Per set of 51-100
Per Set of 100 +



Book and Spoken Word Fines

Adults 29p
per item per day
max per item (5 weeks)
per item per day
max per item
per item per day
max per item (5 weeks)

If you return a Video or DVD late you will be charged for another weeks loan, the loan charges are listed below.


Charges for Audio-Visual Items

CDs DVDs* Spoken Word CDs
Standard Rate£1.20 £2.95 £1.55
Children N/A£1.50FREE
Concessions 60p £1.50 75p
Registered blind/partially sighted/hearing impaired people FREE FREE FREE

Print Outs, Photocopy and Fax Charges

Please be aware that not all these options are available in all libraries - please contact the library to check before you visit.

Print Out and Photocopy Charges per copy

Black and White A4 15p
Colour A4 70p

Photocopy Charges per copy

Black and White A3 30p
Colour A3 £1.50

Fax Charges

Sending First Sheet Subsequent Sheets
UK£1.70 £1.00
Outside the UK £4.75 £2.50
Receiving faxes£1.10 per sheet
Receiving faxes from premium Rate Lines £1.10 per sheet + £3.55


Charges for replacing lost or damaged items

The charges shown below are the amount payable if there is no charge listed on the library catalogue.

There is no charge for damage to items borrowed by or for a child 0 - 5 years.


Adults Children
Hardback Fiction £18.40 Fiction (Hardback or paperback) £4.85
Paperback Fiction £7.70 Non-Fiction (Hardback or Paperback) £7.35
Non-Fiction (Hardback or Paperback) £19.95 MagazineFace Value +50p

Audio-Visual Items

Adults Children
CDs £19.10 Children's Spoken Word CD £11.55
Cassettes £9.90 Children's Spoken Word Cassette £5.05
Spoken Word CDs £19.10 (Per CD) Children's DVDs £12.50
Spoken Word Cassettes (Double or single)
Each additional cassette

Children's Videos £9.45

British Library Lost Book Charge

Actual cost to replace the book plus £3.00 admin fee
(There is an 80% refund if the book is returned to the British Library within 6 weeks)

Computer Charges

First 60 minutes FREE
Subsequent 30 minutes £1.30 or 65p for concessions

Lost Library Ticket

Per each lost ticket (Adults only) £1.30

If you think you may be entitled to concessions, Click here


Page last updated: 27th December 2017