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What are electoral registers?

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  • Voting paperElectoral registers are lists of the names of individuals entitled to vote at an election. They are often also referred to as electoral rolls or lists, or voters' registers, rolls or lists. The formal name is 'Register of Electors'
  • The registers are compiled by local authorities
  • In the printed registers the electors are listed by address within electoral wards, not alphabetically by name. However, you can search recent registers by name on the Internet made available by companies
  • The 2002 electoral register was the last one to be produced in a single full version. Since then, two versions of each register have been  produced: an 'edited register', from which individuals can choose to opt out, and a 'full register', which is less widely available
  • For more details of the history and content of electoral registers, see the British Library's collection guide UK electoral registers
  • See also Poll books, for related lists from the 18th and 19th centuries

Page last updated: 26th June 2020